15 Tips To Keep A House Clean And Tidy

Having trouble keeping your house clean from unnecessary junk? Feel your house is always a mess? While dumpster rental can be a real help to get rid of all the junk, you need to first clean the house. Here are 15 effective tips to do so:

  1. Attack one area at a time. Doing everything at the same time may seem very tempting at first, but you will end up doing almost no cleaning.
  2. If you have kids around the house, clean up their things when they are out. This will make your work easier and quicker as they won’t be there to object, argue or fight for things you are discarding
  3. If you want to retain old items for memories sake, put them aside in a box. Ensure you don’t store too many of such items as they will only increase your junk and not the memories
  4. Clothes that have not been used in the last two or three years need to be discarded. What you have not used in these three years, you will not use ever
  5. If you have things left by guest or family who stayed over in the past, check with them and throw the unwanted things.
  6. Keep a dust cloth at arm’s reach. dusting regularly can reduce the buildup of dust and dirt on items
  7. Multitasking is the best way to clean up the house when you have no time. when you are watching your favorite TV show, clean up around that area
  8. Folding your laundry the same day it is done. This will reduce the clutter and also keep your clothes fresh and neat looking
  9. Dirty shoes should not be allowed inside the house. Install a tap outside, where the shoes can be rinsed off the mud and grime before one walks into the house
  10. Set aside two days o the week for laundry. This should include both washing and folding
  11. Do a thorough cleaning of the house once in two months. This will give you enough time between cleanups and keep your home looking clean at all times
  12. If you have small kids around the house, remove the carpets in summer and reduce dirt pile up in them
  13. Food should not leave the table or the kitchen. Food dirt is the most common and one of the toughest to clean.
  14. Have a place for everything. This need not be very specific, but categories. Being more organized can help you keep the house clean
  15. Ensure the dishes are done and don’t cross a halfway mark in the sink at any given time. If they cross the halfway mark, take it as a cue to do them immediately.