Month: June 2018

We know that you love your house, even with all its odd idiosyncrasies and quirks, it’s still yours – said no one ever, people want to upgrade their houses and the stats are showing it, custom homes are rising at a face pace and people are spending more and more on building their dream home. It’s becoming more affordable and it can increase the valuation of your home quite a lot, let’s dive into the world of home improvements.

  • Renovate that shower!

Having an old and leaky shower is a bad idea, not only does it feel exposed but it can be a serious health risk, renovating the shower and removing all of the scum and mold that has accumulated over the years can help bump up your property price and as such, will be a net benefit to your house and financial situation. This is why they should be renovated, even a simple going in with a toothbrush and lime juice can help remove some mold.

  • Get to the kitchen!

The kitchen is actually the central part of the house believe it or not, it helps keep the entire aesthetic of the house and its where practically all of the family goes to congregate together, it’s the centerpiece of the house and it needs to be taken care of, renovating the slabs or replacing their color with a better one suiting the paint of the house are great tips to renovate your kitchen. Go on Buildsearch for more tips on getting your preferred kitchen.

  • Add some new doors

It may surprise you how much doors can have on the overall aesthetic of a house, removing that oddly colored door can be a great first step towards getting the perfect and beautiful house you desire.…

Having trouble keeping your house clean from unnecessary junk? Feel your house is always a mess? While dumpster rental can be a real help to get rid of all the junk, you need to first clean the house. Here are 15 effective tips to do so:

  1. Attack one area at a time. Doing everything at the same time may seem very tempting at first, but you will end up doing almost no cleaning.
  2. If you have kids around the house, clean up their things when they are out. This will make your work easier and quicker as they won’t be there to object, argue or fight for things you are discarding
  3. If you want to retain old items for memories sake, put them aside in a box. Ensure you don’t store too many of such items as they will only increase your junk and not the memories
  4. Clothes that have not been used in the last two or three years need to be discarded. What you have not used in these three years, you will not use ever
  5. If you have things left by guest or family who stayed over in the past, check with them and throw the unwanted things.
  6. Keep a dust cloth at arm’s reach. dusting regularly can reduce the buildup of dust and dirt on items
  7. Multitasking is the best way to clean up the house when you have no time. when you are watching your favorite TV show, clean up around that area
  8. Folding your laundry the same day it is done. This will reduce the clutter and also keep your clothes fresh and neat looking
  9. Dirty shoes should not be allowed inside the house. Install a tap outside, where the shoes can be rinsed off the mud and grime before one walks into the house
  10. Set aside two days o the week for laundry. This should include both washing and folding
  11. Do a thorough cleaning of the house once in two months. This will give you enough time between cleanups and keep your home looking clean at all times
  12. If you have small kids around the house, remove the carpets in summer and reduce dirt pile up in them
  13. Food should not leave the table or the kitchen. Food dirt is the most common and one of the toughest to clean.
  14. Have a place for everything. This need not be very specific, but categories. Being more organized can help you keep the house clean
  15. Ensure the dishes are done and don’t cross a halfway mark in the sink at any given time. If they cross the halfway mark, take it as a cue to do them immediately.

Wondering what to do at home? There are a lot of fun things to do when you are home. No, watching a movie is not one of them as it is not really productive. Here are a few productive ideas when you are wondering “what to do when you have nothing to do”:

Cleaning – Yes cleaning! Whether you are alone or are living with family, the house can never be clean enough. If you have kids running around, the word clean is often forgotten. Change that and give your house a good clean up. It need not be something laborious that gives you a backache, but something that can make the house look better.

Vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture, mop the floors and clean the walls. These will take the whole day but you will be left with immense satisfaction at the end of it all.

Mails And Calls – Open your laptop and answer all those emails you have ignored for a while now. If you are up to date with your correspondence, sort out the emails into folders to help you track them easily if a need arises.

Call those long lost relatives and friends and catch up on old stories. This will not only give you a positive energy but will also help you get in touch with your school buddies.

Pre-Cook – Either cook a meal or prep up for dinner. If you are the type of person who cooks regularly, you are sure to want more time to do the basic prep work. Cut and store all your vegetables or cook and freeze food for the next couple of days. This will help you get a well balanced wholesome meal at home and also make you utilize your time very judiciously.

Look around you and you are sure to find at least a handful of jobs that require a lot of time and commitment from your end.…

The fear of every dog owner is for his or her dog to stray out of the house and get lost in the ever-busy world. Dogs are fast learners and you can teach them several skills on how to stay at home. One of these is giving your dog the best dog food for sensitive stomach while the others ways are centered on teaching them to stay without the leash.

All the techniques stated here require serious patience and dedication. Here are some ways you can make your dog stay close to the house.

  • Feed them well:

There is a little of chance of well-fed dogs to stray from the home. This can be achieved by giving them the best dog food available. Once they are used to these meals at a particular time, they will always find their way home.

  • Treat them well:

Dogs also have emotions. Their feelings can be hurt. When your dog is treated rightly, it will never stray from the home. It will always stay close to the home. You can take them for a walk and also provide them with an outdoor shelter.

  • Erect a fence:

Keep the dogs in a fenced environment where they can play in the house compound. This is one of the surest ways to keep them at home.

  • Make the environment comfortable:

Make sure your dog is occupied with lots of activities. You can make the environment comfortable by stocking them with toys such as fake rabbits. Make sure the dog is as busy as possible while in the yard.

  • Teach them to stay without a leash:

This can be achieved by teaching the dog how to stay without a leash. This can be very tricky but with time, the dog will get used to it.

Your dog’s safety should be your paramount concern. Keep them close to the house so that they can continue to please you.

Have a beautiful family home you are proud of? When you have such a beautiful asset, you can’t wait to show it off to people around you. Over a period of time, you get comfortable with the home and settle for everything the way it is. When you do realize you need to make some changes, it may get a little expensive. DIY projects are perfect for such a situation as it will not only save you a lot of money but will also give you the chance to make some personal addition to your family home.

Looking for some useful ideas and tips? Check this article out:


Carpentry work can get very expensive as it involves a lot of labor and man-hours. If you can do some of this by yourself, you can save a lot of money.

You can check out various DIY videos and do a few kinds of the woodwork around the house. Making a stool for an added seat in the living area, a chair for the dining area or for the garden area can be a great addition to the existing furniture. Making these is relatively easy once you know the basics of carpentry and learn how to handle the tools.


Changing the paint on the walls can give a total make-over to the entire house. Get a few paint samples, a few rollers and paint brushes. Get a friend or a family member to select the paint colors with you and you can do one wall at a time if time is a constraint. At the end of this DIY project, you can proudly claim to have painted your family home and show off your skills.

If you want to make small changes around the house, there are a number of DIY suggestions available online and in home décor books. Choose those that are easy to do and will not burn a hole in your pocket.…

Any animal carrying fleas risk the possibility of spreading the plague. Rats are, by far, the worst. They are responsible for transmitting a whopping 11 types of diseases. Their feeding habits are destructive to not only your food, but everything lying inside your property can become rat feast. To top it off, they are highly secretive animals and often it can be easy to overlook rat presence if you do not know what to look for.

One of the most obvious sign is the presence of a living or dead rat in your living area. Given enough space, rats will always prefer remaining in hiding. They are only forced out in the open areas when there is a crunch of space. So if you are noticing a rat in person, it is highly likely you are under a full-blown infestation.

The second thing to look for would be grease or dirt marks on your walls, floor, and living area. Thoroughly inspect the surrounding area outside of your house for rat feces or runs. These are narrow tracks left in growths of vegetation or grass which rats use as foraging paths.

They also like gnawing on wood and plastic. If you find signs of unexplained furniture damage or large holes through walls and floorboards, those are definite signs of rat infestation.

Rats do not directly cause disease, but they are carriers of fleas which can spread the plague and carry various bacteria in them. A rat bite or dropping can cause any sickness in your family. The main motive of rats is finding food, so a rat infestation is highly likely to poison your family with fleas, saliva, and urine. Call rat control Glasgow for a full inspection and extermination before it costs your health.…