5 Ways to Encourage Your Dog to Stay Close to Home

The fear of every dog owner is for his or her dog to stray out of the house and get lost in the ever-busy world. Dogs are fast learners and you can teach them several skills on how to stay at home. One of these is giving your dog the best dog food for sensitive stomach while the others ways are centered on teaching them to stay without the leash.

All the techniques stated here require serious patience and dedication. Here are some ways you can make your dog stay close to the house.

  • Feed them well:

There is a little of chance of well-fed dogs to stray from the home. This can be achieved by giving them the best dog food available. Once they are used to these meals at a particular time, they will always find their way home.

  • Treat them well:

Dogs also have emotions. Their feelings can be hurt. When your dog is treated rightly, it will never stray from the home. It will always stay close to the home. You can take them for a walk and also provide them with an outdoor shelter.

  • Erect a fence:

Keep the dogs in a fenced environment where they can play in the house compound. This is one of the surest ways to keep them at home.

  • Make the environment comfortable:

Make sure your dog is occupied with lots of activities. You can make the environment comfortable by stocking them with toys such as fake rabbits. Make sure the dog is as busy as possible while in the yard.

  • Teach them to stay without a leash:

This can be achieved by teaching the dog how to stay without a leash. This can be very tricky but with time, the dog will get used to it.

Your dog’s safety should be your paramount concern. Keep them close to the house so that they can continue to please you.