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Here are the top 10 ways in which you can save on your monthly expenses. Read CouponoBox for more details on the same.

Record what you spend

The first and the most important thing is to keep a record of every penny that you spend. This way you can avoid spending on things that you do not need


Prepare a budget at the start of the month for every expense that you plan to do.

Have a savings plan

Create a retirement savings plan that deducts money from your account automatically and as soon as the salary gets credited. This way you will have limited money to spend and you will hence save money.

Pay with cash

Stop using your credit card and instead pay only with cash. This will limit your resources and you will not spend extra.

Use coupons

Make use of the coupons and discounts available when you go to make grocery purchases that let you save on lots of money.

Eat at home

Limit eating outside and instead prepare meals at home to save money.

Use public transport

Instead of driving your car to work, save on fuel and money by using public transport.

Plan and wait

For any purchases that you need to do it is important that you plan for it, research about it and buy it at the right time during a sale.

Online shopping

Start shopping online that saves you money as well as saves fuel.

Buy packages

The packages let you save money. Be it to the salon or the package for your internet, if you subscribe to the package for a long term it lets you save on lots of money.,

Try out these tips and see how you can easily save. All that you need is to be patient, do a little bit of research and stay away from any impulsive purchases.…