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Why I prefer to choose a six-month loan over other forms of borrowing:

As a non-borrower for the most part of my life, I had no serious idea on how lending companies and financial institutions work. I always thought that a secured loan and a foreclosure as early as possible were the best means to acquire credit. I was a loan-shy person. Or even phobic!

I cannot tell exactly how insecure I would feel if I had the dagger of repayment hanging over my head all the time. I would be living in misery and spending sleepless nights trying to understand how I repay as soon as possible and get my freedom back.

My first brush with payday loans was a breeze:

But like they say destiny has to teach you what you have to learn. Ansa so, once I applied for a payday loan. I submitted the required salary receipts and in no time I had received the credit into my account. I was amazed at how quickly that happened.

You mean seriously no queuing up and then papers and filing et al?

I felt a great relief. I also tried applying for a six months loan. The procedure for applying for a six-month loan is also the same as applying for a payday loan. I needed to give my salary receipts and as soon as I had submitted and in ten minutes I had a message from the bank saying that the amount was credited into my account.

The benefit of a six months loan is big. The time is spread over six months and so there is enough time to spread the repayment. Also, half a year is a good time to consolidate financial commitments and manage to pay back. And what is so best about it is that the repayment can be drawn in installments or can be even replayed as one lump sum!

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