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Medical Marijuana can be grown in a large variety of ways, the way that you decide to choose will depend on a large number of factors and such. You’ll have to research which way you want to choose and why, the factors include money, time and other factors. This guide however, will show you a decent summary of what you should looking for and why.

These methods will work well for anyone that puts enough time and effort in, what you will get out of it depends on your consistency and ability to follow through. The marijuana plant is quite vulnerable and must be treated well with care, things that can screw this up are plenty, for example not adding enough water to the plant and such can cause the plant to die off prematurely.

The first thing you will need to do is to get seeds or a starting batch, this will enable your plants to begin growing and your garden to begin maturing while you prepare the rest of the marijuana plants for usage.

Using plain dirt is an option, grow the marijuana as you would any other plant and it will likely work out fine. Make sure to use high quality soil and just get the plant started up and it will probably work well for you.

Using Hydroponics is another option, using hydroponics essentially means to use no soil, but using gravel or sand to grow the plant, a mixture of fertilizer and water would be pumped into the gravel to make the plants grow. Check out payspi for a sample of the hydroponics method.

We hope that this guide helped you select a method of growing medical grade marijuana in your backyard, thank you for reading.