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The herbs taste the best when you pluck it right from your garden and use them. But the good news is that you can still use your favorite EmeraldGrowers herb all through the year if you know how to dry and store them. Dried herbs are as good as consuming the fresh herbs. Slow drying of the herbs help to retain its flavor and the essential oils of the herb are also intact.

Drying the herb

Air drying is best when the herb does not have a lot of moisture content. You may allow these herbs to dry naturally or by using a dehydrator that is used for drying food. Freezing is a great way to use the herbs without them losing out on their flavor.

The best time to harvest the herbs that you wish to dry is before they flower. For drying the herbs cut the healthy branches and remove the dry leaves. Remove any insects that may be the herb and remove the excess oil. Dry them in an area where there is air circulation because if the herb is wet then it will rot.

Bundle few stems together and tie them as a bunch using string. Make sure to keep checking the bundle in intervals. Cut holes in some paper bags and then label the bag with the name of the herb. Place the herbs in them and then close the end of the bag. The herbs should have a place to breathe inside the bag. Keep the bag in an airy room and check if they still look good after an interval of two weeks.

Store the dried herbs

Store these herbs after they dry in an airtight container. You could also use the zipper bags. Label the containers. The best way to store them is as a whole and when you need them just crush them. If you see that a particular herb is growing a mold on it them discard it. Pack the container in a place that is cool, dry and does do not receive direct sunlight.

Many people tend to do some repair works in the household items occasionally and few among them show some keen interest on these repair works and have the necessary tools in hand readily.  Though only a few people have the entire kit of these repair work items, others have only the basic tools for doing these repair works.  These people mostly rely on professionals like the electrician and plumber to do the repair works even in the case of emergency situation.  In order to avoid the problems during those emergency situations, it is always better to have the essential tools in hand for the repair works.  Some people are not aware of the tools which are necessary and important to carry it in a house and this article will you to gain some knowledge on the essential tools required to do the repair and replacement works in the houses.

A list of Essential Tools and its uses:

  • Hammer: It is used to fix the nails on the walls and on the other places.  It is also needed in the carpentry works.
  • Screw Driver: It helps to screw down the nails wherever it is necessary.
  • Wrenches: An adjustable wrench is an added advantage of having it in your home.
  • Hand Saw: It is used to cut small items while doing the repair works.
  • Utility Knives: It also used to cut the items without any hindrances.
  • Measuring Tape: Used to measure the length and height of the object if it is required to do so.
  • Insulation Tape: It is used to seal the electric wires and other items.
  • Tool Box: It consists of necessary tools and helps you to serve the repair work in a better way instead of searching things.
  • Small Drill Machine: A small drill machine to make small holes on the walls or on the required place is necessary to have it in your house.

These are some of the essential tools to be readily available in the hands of the landlords as well as DIYers.  But some people have a question in their mind is it necessary to have these essential tools.  But, it is always better to have the tools readily available so that it helps you to get rid of repair works much sooner than ever.…

Creating green homes means creating a healthy home. Urbanization takes off the luxury of owning huge gardens. So if you wish to grow plants you would have to use up space you find in the balcony. Besides outdoor plants, indoor plants also play a crucial role in setting the ambiance in any house. Besides looking good they also provide purification of indoor air.

  1. Use energy efficient appliances that cut down energy bills and reduce the use of fuels and other forms of energy.
  2. Invest in a solar power unit that can power a portion of the house and further reduce the need for conventional energy sources.
  3. Maintenance checks on HVAC systems ensure their healthy operation. Proper heating and cooling can be achieved by choosing complementing measures like window insulation etc.,
  4. Check the labels when you pick home cleaners. Invest in natural cleaners or make them yourself.
  5. Gas detectors that indicate the presence of carbon monoxide can be very useful.
  6. Indoor plants do a great job in filtering out the harmful pollutants in indoor air.
  7. Reusable cleaning napkins are better than using paper napkins and disposable wipes.
  8. Use natural pesticides to eradicate pests big and small.
  9. Work on creating compost at home. This would be a great way to dispose of kitchen waste. It encourages you to segregate waste and also reduce the waste production in the house. The compost can then be used for the home garden.
  10. Figure out ways to recycle more efficiently and stay away from products that are made of substances that are hard to decompose.

CC website can give you more ideas to go green and leave a lasting impact on the climate. Figure out ways to reduce the landfills and cut down the wastage of water and electricity.…

The home maintenance projects and their time planning are essential in order to avoid huge spending on repair and damage work during the winter season.  Timely repair works and checking the water leakages may help you to avoid any serious accidents in the future.  Moreover, you can spend your winter season staying calm, relaxed and enjoyable one.  Be sure with a proper checklist with prior knowledge and experience before the winter season strikes in.  These checklists will you to know better where you need to give much attention and where not so that you can save your time efficiently.  Here are some suggestions to consider your home maintenance;

  • Roof: Check the roof almost in all places to find any cracks or leakages.  If there are any cracks or leakages, it may allow water and cold airs enter into your home and make you uncomfortable. It is better to seal down the cracks as quickly as possible.
  • Lighting: During winter, the bulbs may not work properly and life of the bulbs may go down.  So converting the bulb into an energy efficient bulb like blue spectrum bulbs, LED bulbs will make you feel better as well as reduce your energy consumption with fewer electricity bills. Check this site for most innovative ideas for lighting your dream home
  • Water Leakages: Try to check all the water channels in your house and this may help you to get rid of water leakages and freezing problems.  Generally with the past experience in the winter season may help you to know the possible leakage and damage outlets at home.  This knowledge of the past experience may help you to identify and resolve your problems sooner.
  • Insulation: Insulate the pipes and other items which are more prone to damage in the winter season.  Proper insulation of these items will help you to get a reduced power bill.
  • Power supply: There may be chances of decreased power supply or failure of a power supply during the winter season which make you suffer at dark nights.  In order to avoid these problems, try to have an additional power supply which helps you in case of emergency situations.

A new house is just a house and only you can make it a home. No matter how much you spend on it, it takes a while to feel at home but using these tips you can get it quicker. After getting done with these things, it will surely feel cozy and homey.

#1 Start With Your Bed

Once you are done with interior design and paint, it is time to start with making the bed. Get the bed frame of your choice, put on your favorite mattress, get a bedsheet, several pillows and jump on it.

#2 Set Up The Lighting

When the lighting is as per your taste, it feels more like home. Even if these are lamps, you can set it near your bed or study table or whenever you used to like them to be.

#3 Go To The Bathroom

After setting up the bedroom, head to the bathroom and arrange everything there just as you like. Check the shower, the bathtub, the mirror, fill up the drawers with your accessories, set up some aromatic candles there and you are done. If you want some help of the designers in your home you can find exposed aggregate in Perth where these professional use concrete to make a sturdy construction.

#4 Set Up The Internet

Whether it is a wi-fi or broadband connection, you should set up your internet. You can connect it right away with your devices, search any query and it will feel more like home.

#5 Use The Aroma Power

Aroma is another thing that can help you to feel it like home. Use the same room freshener that was in your old home or where you used to live and your mind will connect you the aroma with this place.

#6 Get Plants And Flowers

Another way to feel amazing in your new home is to set up real plants and flowers. Let their aroma spread out in every corner, watch the greenery, the improved air quality and you will feel alive and happier.

We know that you love your house, even with all its odd idiosyncrasies and quirks, it’s still yours – said no one ever, people want to upgrade their houses and the stats are showing it, custom homes are rising at a face pace and people are spending more and more on building their dream home. It’s becoming more affordable and it can increase the valuation of your home quite a lot, let’s dive into the world of home improvements.

  • Renovate that shower!

Having an old and leaky shower is a bad idea, not only does it feel exposed but it can be a serious health risk, renovating the shower and removing all of the scum and mold that has accumulated over the years can help bump up your property price and as such, will be a net benefit to your house and financial situation. This is why they should be renovated, even a simple going in with a toothbrush and lime juice can help remove some mold.

  • Get to the kitchen!

The kitchen is actually the central part of the house believe it or not, it helps keep the entire aesthetic of the house and its where practically all of the family goes to congregate together, it’s the centerpiece of the house and it needs to be taken care of, renovating the slabs or replacing their color with a better one suiting the paint of the house are great tips to renovate your kitchen. Go on Buildsearch for more tips on getting your preferred kitchen.

  • Add some new doors

It may surprise you how much doors can have on the overall aesthetic of a house, removing that oddly colored door can be a great first step towards getting the perfect and beautiful house you desire.…

Moving in or out of a place is common since ages. It is something you always need help with. Moving out by hiring a truck or arranging labor is a DIY project. But there are a good number of projects and procedures you need to take care of before moving. Either it is a small project or a bigger one, it automatically becomes a stress. To get rid of this stress one can hire professional companies that can help you with the procedure of moving business or home. Such companies are known as moving companies.

If you are living in Dalla Texas and planning to shift anytime soon, we have good news for you. There is a good number of moving companies in Texas that offer special delivery and moving services. All the companies are trusted and specialized. Either you are relocating your residence, commercial area, apartment or you simply want to remove the junk from your home, the moving companies can help you in anyway.

Hiring such a company needs to follow a simple procedure. Just contact the Company and ask for a moving quote. The Companies will provide you with an accurate quote and you can choose the best quote among them.

The Companies provide you with a checklist so that you can get organized and prepared before starting the procedure. A few Companies offer the insurance of luggage as well. The insurance is covered by law and you do not need to spend extra money on that. The insurance includes full cost of the items, and they evaluate it in a lucrative manner.

In case you are planning to shift anytime soon, go through the portfolio of every possible moving company and make a list “My choice of moving companies in Dallas tx”. This list will definitely help you and your friends in the future.…