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Solve sewer drain blocks and maintain a clean drain by following the below tips and tricks:

A chemical drain cleaner comes to your rescue.  This automatically clears the path and is the easiest method to clean a sewer drain.  Use it overnight for best results.  At night time the flow of water through drains will be minimal.  This will help the chemical drainer to stay long and act effectively on the block.

Where the pipes are bent using caps, the best thing would be to remove the caps, clean them and fix again.  Blocks would often occur in bends.  Use this trick to unclear the block.

Use shower caps to avoid hair getting clogged in the sewers.

Never dump any solid waste into sewer even if it is degradable.  The waste will form mass like lumps which block the water passage.  Especially semi-solid particles like batter will settle in the pipes as layers and block the drain.

In case you observe signs of seepage do not panic.  ‘Basement waterproofing Toronto’ helps in totally avoiding the damage to home arising out of water leakage.

Use pumps in regular intervals to remove the dirt at the entry point of the drain itself.  Especially vacuum pump will remove dirt in kitchen sinks.

Prevention of block avoids extensive repair work.  It is the best solution.  Hence educate family members to avoid putting tissues/napkins in flush.  During washing and cleaning do not dump the entire waste into drains directly.

Tree roots can conflict with the drains and can block them in due course of time.  So plant trees little away from sewer drain passage.

Once all the above precautions are taken the chances of drains getting blocked is almost zero.  Confidently use the above tips and tricks to have a block free drain and a clean home.