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Wondering what to do at home? There are a lot of fun things to do when you are home. No, watching a movie is not one of them as it is not really productive. Here are a few productive ideas when you are wondering “what to do when you have nothing to do”:

Cleaning – Yes cleaning! Whether you are alone or are living with family, the house can never be clean enough. If you have kids running around, the word clean is often forgotten. Change that and give your house a good clean up. It need not be something laborious that gives you a backache, but something that can make the house look better.

Vacuum the carpets, dust the furniture, mop the floors and clean the walls. These will take the whole day but you will be left with immense satisfaction at the end of it all.

Mails And Calls – Open your laptop and answer all those emails you have ignored for a while now. If you are up to date with your correspondence, sort out the emails into folders to help you track them easily if a need arises.

Call those long lost relatives and friends and catch up on old stories. This will not only give you a positive energy but will also help you get in touch with your school buddies.

Pre-Cook – Either cook a meal or prep up for dinner. If you are the type of person who cooks regularly, you are sure to want more time to do the basic prep work. Cut and store all your vegetables or cook and freeze food for the next couple of days. This will help you get a well balanced wholesome meal at home and also make you utilize your time very judiciously.

Look around you and you are sure to find at least a handful of jobs that require a lot of time and commitment from your end.…