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The idea of living together with your partner can be great but in most cases, it tends to do more harm than good. You enter into a relationship with someone and think that the romance would be even better when you are with each other full time. You decide on a place to stay together but against your expectations, the romance does not grow but starts to die down.

LovePlugs tell you why living together can actually kill the romance between couples.

No quality time

You do not share any quality time with each other anymore. You are with each other all the time and this lets you take the other for granted. When you just date and stay separate you use every minute of your time to stay with each other, talk to each other and cuddle each other, but staying together makes you feel that time is infinite and you thus do not spend an even a little bit of quality time with the other.

Not splitting the jobs

The problem is severe when both do not equally contribute to keeping the house clean. Household chores are boring but each of them should contribute and take responsibility. Else it could cause friction.

Getting over comfortable

When you get over comfortable with your partner staying together, there is no mystery left and this could make you be unattractive for your partner.

Postpone lovemaking

When staying together there are so many other chores to be taken care of that lovemaking takes a backseat. Do not postpone it because it will cause the mood to die down completely

Routine life

Staying together can make your lives routine. Instead of sharing romance you end up deciding on who showers first and who gets which slot to watch the television.

Fixing these issues in a relationship is important and thus do not move until you both are not completely prepared. Talk out the issues and take out time for each other even when you stay together.…