The Best Guide: How To Dry And Store Your Fresh Garden Herbs

The herbs taste the best when you pluck it right from your garden and use them. But the good news is that you can still use your favorite EmeraldGrowers herb all through the year if you know how to dry and store them. Dried herbs are as good as consuming the fresh herbs. Slow drying of the herbs help to retain its flavor and the essential oils of the herb are also intact.

Drying the herb

Air drying is best when the herb does not have a lot of moisture content. You may allow these herbs to dry naturally or by using a dehydrator that is used for drying food. Freezing is a great way to use the herbs without them losing out on their flavor.

The best time to harvest the herbs that you wish to dry is before they flower. For drying the herbs cut the healthy branches and remove the dry leaves. Remove any insects that may be the herb and remove the excess oil. Dry them in an area where there is air circulation because if the herb is wet then it will rot.

Bundle few stems together and tie them as a bunch using string. Make sure to keep checking the bundle in intervals. Cut holes in some paper bags and then label the bag with the name of the herb. Place the herbs in them and then close the end of the bag. The herbs should have a place to breathe inside the bag. Keep the bag in an airy room and check if they still look good after an interval of two weeks.

Store the dried herbs

Store these herbs after they dry in an airtight container. You could also use the zipper bags. Label the containers. The best way to store them is as a whole and when you need them just crush them. If you see that a particular herb is growing a mold on it them discard it. Pack the container in a place that is cool, dry and does do not receive direct sunlight.