The Best Tips: How to Set Up a Simple Diy Home Photo Studio

Have you ever dreamt of owning a photography studio and thought it was an impossible dream? Don’t get disheartened as you can easily set up a photography studio in your home. Your home is the best place to start experimenting with your photographic skills. Uploading videos and photos on social media are the latest trends as your work gets noticed easily. You can get more tips by going through mehr youtube likes to have a better coverage of your work.

Below mentioned is the basic gears one need to set up the studio at home.

Lights- In order to start practicing, one light and reflector is just enough.  However, if you have at least three lights it would give you flexibility. It could be also manual speed lights.

Lighting modifiers- An umbrella and a reflector is a must.  You need to get those umbrellas which are easy to fold into a small size and can be stored in packages.

Light stands- You would require one stand for every light.  The stand should be sturdier if the lights are heavier. Never invest in anything cheap or you might risk the lights being too wobbly and unstable. You should prefer those stands that are at least 2.5m in height as always the lights should be above the model.  Also, it is great if you could afford a small stand as it can help in hiding the background light coming from behind.

Background- A good way to begin is by getting a collapsible background if you are not able to install the permanent background.

Fans- It will help in bringing the motion to your portrait. Also, it helps in working in hot studios.

These are the basic tips to give you a good idea about the portable studio. But keep in mind that the willingness and creativity matter the most.